Internet Merchants

We specialize in small business internet merchant accounts.

Retail Merchants Accounts

Power Pay retail merchant accounts have access to the latest equipment under $100.

Telephone Merchant Accounts

Telephone merchant accounts include an easy to use virtual terminal.

PowerPay Merchant Services

Internet Merchant Accounts

Accept credit cards online with PowerPay, a national provider of Merchant Account Services. We specialize in small business credit Card processing. We provide credit card processing solutions for all types of businesses including internet, retail, or merchants taking orders by mail or phone. We offer you a merchant account with a gateway or credit card terminal, supplied to you and ready to use. Our goal is to make accepting credit cards easy, secure, and cost effective for your business.

PowerPay has NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS! It is the industry standard to pay Early Termination Fees that can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars! Don’t be fooled with offers of a low discount rate only to incur hefty charges later. With PowerPay – There is absolutely no cost to you to get started, and absolutely no costly long term contracts.


PowerPay is the easiest, most cost-effective way for your business to start accepting credit cards.

No long term contracts • No hidden fees • Low rates • Fast approval • Free setup

Internet Merchant Specialists are standing by…call: 1-800-483-8815

Signature debitStandard creditRewards creditCorporate/T&E and keyed credit
Discount RatePer itemDiscount RatePer itemDiscount RatePer itemDiscount RatePer item

Merchant Accounts & Cash Flow

Accepting credit cards with a merchant services account can boost your cash flow, and there’s evidence to prove it.

Ensure Financial Success

Customers want easy transactions. Merchant service accounts keep the money coming in on a timely basis without waiting for the check.

Improved Customer Service

Merchant services plays a role in customer service. When starting a new business, there are important things to remember.

Merchant Services

Take Website payments anywhere anytime. Low RATES, No hidden fees, FAST setup.

Virtual Terminal

Internet credit card processing accounts include and a browser based Virtual Terminal.

Internet Merchant Accounts

Begin processing credit cards online TODAY with your Internet merchant account.

We make it easy. Our innovative payment systems and merchant services are designed to work with you – no matter what you do.

Start a Merchant Account.

We will help find a solution for your business to accept credit cards on your website. Are you looking for a reliable, affordable payment processing service provider?

Our virtual POS system is easy to set up – you can start accepting credit card payments within a day. We have some of the lowest rates in the industry, and we don’t charge any hidden fees. Contact merchant services at Power Pay.

Processing Credit Cards on the Go

When you’re launching a new company, you might be wondering what the best methods of payment are to accept. You should definitely accept credit cards.

What’s so great about credit cards? Many consumers and businesses use them. They prefer the convenience of credit cards over other methods of payments. Also, credit card companies are guaranteed to pay the vendor.

Virtual Point-of-Sales Technology

Start receiving payments today. “How can I process payments online?” you ask. “Don’t I need expensive, complicated equipment?” The answer to that question is “no.”

You need two things in order to accept credit card payments: a device that can connect to the Internet and software that enables you to accept credit card payments. And neither of those things requires a major cash investment.

What Is a Mobile POS System?

Traditional POS systems are cash registers or terminals at which the customer pays and the machine records the transaction.

A Mobile POS System is essentially a cash register or terminal on a mobile device. This technology enables credit card merchants to accept payments wherever they are, as long as they’ve got a smartphone or tablet with the correct app and a card reader that attaches to their mobile device.

Seamless E-Commerce Checkout

Have you ever actually tried to buy anything on your site? You might discover that it’s not the easy, smooth process you imagine it to be.

Shipping costs and form redundancies can add to customer frustration. In this day and age, why would you go to a store when you can buy almost whatever you like at the touch of a button? So, is your checkout experience is terrible?

EMV Credit Cards and Retail Security

A seismic shift took place in the US retail space in October 2015. Credit card-issuing banks transferred their liability for fraudulent transactions to merchants if those retailers didn’t accept EMV (chip and PIN) credit cards. In spite of their new obligation, only 37% of US merchant locations can accept these credit cards. What’s keeping US retailers from adopting them?