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EMV Credit Cards Prevent Some Fraud

EMV Credit Cards Prevent Brick and Mortar Fraud In October 2015, a seismic shift took place in the retail space. Retailers became liable for any fraudulent charges made unless they had switched to EMV technology. Previously, credit card companies bore the liability for these charges. The liability shift that took place in October 2015 was

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International Credit Cards

Accepting International Credit Cards What You Need to Know Today’s global marketplace means that your customers might not be from down the street – they could be sitting in their living room in Tokyo, preparing to buy your product online. International customers expand your marketing reach. However, what you and your customers might not realize

Who Uses Cash?

Most Purchasers Use Plastic If you’ve watched TV in the past few years, you’ll probably recall that credit card commercial with the tagline, “What’s in your wallet?” Nowadays, the answer to that question is probably not cash. In 2014, the San Francisco Federal Reserve reported that only 14% of consumer purchases were made in cash.

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Succeed in Picking the Right Business Niche

Accepting Credit Cards in Your Business Niche In the world of business, the word “niche” refers to a distinct segment of a market. Why is it important to find a business niche? Even though you’re focusing on a smaller section of what might be a wide market, you’ll discover you’ll find more customers by narrowing

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PayPal vs Credit Card Processing

Disadvantages of Using PayPal as a Primary Payment Processor PayPal is a very popular way for people to transfer money online. Many businesses use it to accept payments from customers. Some of them even use PayPal as their primary payment processing service provider. While it might seem as though choosing PayPal to handle all of

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You Must Accept Credit Cards

Why All Businesses Today Must Accept Credit Cards You’ve got a great idea for a business. You know it can’t fail – you’ve done your research and you know how to satisfy the needs of your market. “I’m on my way to success!” you think. Before you crack open a bottle of champagne, have you

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