Common Mistakes E-commerce Merchants Make with Their Credit Card Processor

Common Mistakes E-commerce Merchants Make with Their Credit Card Processor

Finding the right credit card processor for your online business isn’t something you can take lightly. For most online businesses, having a strong relationship with your credit card processor is important to keeping your business well run, and your finances well managed. This is especially true when it comes to managing your e-commerce transactions, as they are harder to monitor … Read More

Digital Money Will Impact Your Business


A Silent Cha-Ching: Virtual Currencies, Mobile Payments, and Your Business When is the last time you paid a toll in cash? Many people nowadays use E-ZPass, so they might not even remember. Digital payments aren’t just a fact of life on the roads. Maybe you’ve set your bills to autopay, so the money automatically comes out of your bank account. … Read More

EMV Online Fraud


What Can Merchants Do to Stop Fraud? EMV (chip-and-PIN) credit cards were introduced to combat credit card fraud. Since their widespread adoption in the US, some merchants have noticed a decrease in fraud. Yet others report an increase – why is that? The introduction of EMV cards has led to a rise in online retail credit card scams. Read on … Read More

International Credit Cards


Accepting International Credit Cards What You Need to Know Today’s global marketplace means that your customers might not be from down the street – they could be sitting in their living room in Tokyo, preparing to buy your product online. International customers expand your marketing reach. However, what you and your customers might not realize is that there’s a cost … Read More

E-commerce Checkout Experience


Are Your Customers Checking Out? In this day and age, why would you go to a store when you can buy almost whatever you like at the touch of a button? That’s why by the year 2020, retail industry experts predict 189.4 million people will use e-commerce sites. However, just because they use them doesn’t mean they’ll make a purchase. … Read More

Credit Cards and Customer Service

Why Customer Service Matters So Much in Online Businesses Merchant services play a role in customer service. When you’re starting a new business, one of the most important things you need to remember is that customer service is a priority. Even if you’re starting an online business, which is generally a venture in which you might never meet your clients, … Read More

Getting to Know Your Market

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The Importance of Knowing Your Market You have the most amazing website business idea ever. You want to accept website payments because credit cards will make you a millionaire – no, wait, you’ll be a billionaire… by next month! Visions of people begging you to take their money dance through your head. However, none of your dreams will come true … Read More