Digital Money Will Impact Your Business


A Silent Cha-Ching: Virtual Currencies, Mobile Payments, and Your Business When is the last time you paid a toll in cash? Many people nowadays use E-ZPass, so they might not even remember. Digital payments aren’t just a fact of life on the roads. Maybe you’ve set your bills to autopay, so the money automatically comes out of your bank account. … Read More

EMV Online Fraud


What Can Merchants Do to Stop Fraud? EMV (chip-and-PIN) credit cards were introduced to combat credit card fraud. Since their widespread adoption in the US, some merchants have noticed a decrease in fraud. Yet others report an increase – why is that? The introduction of EMV cards has led to a rise in online retail credit card scams. Read on … Read More

EMV Credit Cards Prevent Some Fraud


EMV Credit Cards Prevent Brick and Mortar Fraud In October 2015, a seismic shift took place in the retail space. Retailers became liable for any fraudulent charges made unless they had switched to EMV technology. Previously, credit card companies bore the liability for these charges. The liability shift that took place in October 2015 was an attempt by credit card … Read More

Switch to EMV for the Benefits


Why Should You Switch from Accepting Signatures to PINs? On October 1st, 2015, the US retail industry was supposed to reach a major milestone. That was the deadline for the switch to EMV credit cards with PINs. If retailers didn’t begin accepting those cards, they would be held liable for any fraudulent transactions. Before that date, the credit card issuer … Read More

What Is EMV and What Is The Advantage?


EMV Credit Cards and Retail Security A seismic shift took place in the US retail space in October 2015. Credit card-issuing banks transferred their liability for fraudulent transactions to merchants if those retailers didn’t accept EMV (chip and PIN) credit cards. In spite of their new obligation, only 37% of US merchant locations can accept these credit cards. Read on … Read More