The Importance of Mobile Payments for Your Business

how mobile payments work

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the popularity and use of digital wallets and mobile payments when it comes to consumer purchases across a number of industries. From large retail stores to small independent companies, the ability to accept mobile payments made via a customer’s digital wallet is now vital to ensuring your business is able to cater … Read More

Digital Money Will Impact Your Business


A Silent Cha-Ching: Virtual Currencies, Mobile Payments, and Your Business When is the last time you paid a toll in cash? Many people nowadays use E-ZPass, so they might not even remember. Digital payments aren’t just a fact of life on the roads. Maybe you’ve set your bills to autopay, so the money automatically comes out of your bank account. … Read More

Bluetooth Mobile Payments


How Does Bluetooth Work for Mobile Payments? Since humans began paying for goods and services, we’ve preferred these transactions to be as convenient and easy as possible. We’ve evolved from bartering livestock (not particularly convenient) to paying for products with mobile devices (quite convenient). But technological developments can make mobile payments even more user-friendly. Read on to learn how the … Read More

Pay with Your Watch


Paying with Your Watch? It’s the Wave of the Future Imagine this: you’re running low on coffee, so you run into your local grocery store to pick up a bag of the instant stuff. When you get to the checkout line, you don’t pull out your wallet. Instead, you tap your smart watch against a terminal. Within a second, you’ve … Read More

Mobile Payment Processing


Mobile Payment Processing Costs What You Need to Know A decade ago, the idea of paying for a purchase with your mobile phone was too futuristic to contemplate fully. However, now the future is here, and your customers want to pay with mobile devices. You want to keep your customers happy, although you also want to make sure you do … Read More

Mobile Payments


Mobile Payments and Microchip Credit Cards Today’s consumer doesn’t always carry a wallet. However, he or she definitely carries a smartphone. And technology has become so advanced that people can now use an app on their mobile device to pay for goods and services. Credit cards are becoming “smarter” too. Advances in microchips mean that customers no longer need to … Read More

Mobile POS Systems


What Is a Mobile POS System? Traditional POS systems are cash registers or terminals at which the customer pays and the machine records the transaction. A mobile POS system is essentially a cash register or terminal on a mobile device. This technology enables merchants to accept payments wherever they are, as long as they’ve got a smartphone or tablet with … Read More

Accept Credit Cards On the Go Online


Processing Credit Cards on the Go Accept Credit Cards for your Online Business One of the best things about running an online business is that technology has improved to such an extent that you can be located anywhere and still stay connected. Do you have to travel to a trade show or meet with a client? No problem! Mobile devices … Read More