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Accept Credit Card Payments: How to Start?

If you start a new business, you must accept credit card payments. Starting a new business is usually a highly stressful endeavour. There is so much to pay attention to and learn when it comes to getting started on the right foot. Part of what every business owner learns early on is the importance of finding the right people to work with. It is vital for a business owner to provide the latest solutions to accept credit card payments and to make connections with the people and services that will help make their business a success. For any business owner starting out in the realm of e-commerce in need of reliable online payment processing, Millennium Bankcard is here and ready to help make your business successful. To find out how, be sure to check out this brief description of our company and the quality merchant account services we offer.

Millennium Bankcard is a full service merchant account provider. We make it possible for businesses of all types to accept and process credit card and electronic payments on multiple platforms including online and  in-store purchases. With over twenty years of experience working with a number of different businesses, we have the right experience and expertise to ensure your business gets the most from our merchant account services. Accept credit card payments with Millennium Bankcard today!

Getting Started With the Right Payment Solution

Our team of knowledgeable merchant account associates are ready to get started on setting your business up with the merchant account services you need to be successful. We are happy to take the necessary time to learn about your business and work with you to find the merchant account services best suited to your company’s needs. Once we have established the type of services you’ll receive from Millennium Bankcard, we will get right to work setting up your merchant account. For most clients, we provide everything required to accept credit card payments in-store, online, by telephone and even by mail. Our solutions are fast, secure and highly affordable for businesses of all types and sizes.

Accept Credit Card Payments Guide

Getting the Most From Your Credit Card Processing Service

Every business owner wants to see their company succeed and grow. If a business relies on sales to do so, the best way to grow your sales is to offer as many payment options to your customers as possible. Accept credit card payments is vital. For companies of today, that means offering fast and simple payments via credit card. While facilitating these transactions will be an expense, working with the right credit card processor, like Millennium Bankcard will ensure your business gets the most return possible from that expense. No matter what size or type of company, we can offer the perfect payment processing solutions to help that business succeed.

Accept Credit Card Payments with Millennium Bankcard

With Millennium Bankcard, you will be able to start accepting a wide number of payment options from a more diverse array of customers. As recently as 2017, cash payments accounted for less than one quarter of all Point of Sale (POS) transactions. For any business that relies on sales, it is important to stay ahead of trends like these to avoid sacrificing potential sales to a competitor. Millennium Bankcard can offer you the right payment solutions to reach customers in-store, online or even via mobile devices. Thanks to Millennium Bankcard’s solid reputation and strong relationships with trusted names in the payment processing industry, you can also take advantage of our competitive pricing options. To find out how our safe and secure credit card processing solutions can work for you, be sure to check out the detailed descriptions of our services below.

How Credit Card Processing Works?

To give you a detailed idea of exactly what Millennium Bankcard does for your business, allow us to walk you through how typical credit card processing works for a retail business. Each day there are millions and millions of credit card payments made on multiple payment platforms throughout the world. All of these transactions between a customer and a merchant require some type of payment processor to facilitate and complete the payment. Whether the customer is paying in-store, online via their laptop or mobile device, or even by telephone, Millennium Bankcard can ensure fast and completely secure payment for you and your customers.

When a customer makes any type of electronic payment to you, they are initializing the movement of money from their bank, known as the issuing bank, to your bank which is known as the acquiring bank. Between the issuing bank and the merchant’s acquiring bank is the payment processor. In order to set up a merchant account, accept credit card payments and verify the secure and complete transfer of funds to your bank, you will need a payment processor you can trust. As a processor that offers a number of payment platforms, Millennium Bankcard can facilitate payments from multiple devices and locations. Understanding how each payment platform works can help companies determine which payment options will work best for their business needs and budget.

Accept Credit Card Payments: Payment Platforms

There are four basic types of payment platforms that exist in the payment processing industry of today. They are Direct, Gateway, eCommerce and Depending on the way you want to accept payments, and the volume of transactions your business usually has, you may find one or more of these platforms is ideal for you.

Direct Payments

This type of platform is completely owned and operated by your payment processor. From the beginning of the process, through to the final authorization of the payment, the entire process is handled by the merchant services provider. This is because a direct payment platform is solely owned by the payment processor, not the merchant, and therefore each part of the payment process is performed on the merchant’s behalf.

Gateway Payments

Unlike a direct payment platform, a gateway platform involves a third party platform to provide payment authorization. Through a  merchant services provider like Millennium Bankcard, companies can access certain features and services from third-party platforms via the gateway provided by Millennium Bankcard. This allows companies to take advantage of helpful services from third party platforms to which they may otherwise not have access. Read more: How Online Payment Gateways Work?


This payment platform is quickly becoming the most used platform for retailers and business owners of all types throughout the world. As more and more consumers make the move to online shopping, merchants from both large and small companies can take advantage of a secure and sophisticated eCommerce payment platform. This platform is required for any transaction where a credit card is not physically present. With this platform, merchants can offer customers features like an online shopping cart and checkout on their company’s website.

For merchant’s who aren’t looking to set up a merchant services account of their own, there is still a fast and secure credit card payment platform solution. With, merchants of all types use one account via their browser-based and hosted service. This saves merchants the expense of setting up their own credit card processing account, making it ideal for small web-based businesses. Once a merchant signs up for an account with, they can begin accepting online payments that have been managed and verified by and passed along to a payment processor on the merchant’s behalf.

Accept Credit Card Payments with Processing and POS Devices

Millennium Bankcard’s main credit card processing services revolve around the use of payment processing and Point of Sale devices. For all types of credit card payments, some type of device is required to accept the issuing bank information kept on a consumer’s credit card. To ensure a fast and totally secure transfer of that information for authorization by the payment processing network, it is important for retailers and business owners of all types to have a reliable device from a reliable payment processor like Millennium Bankcard.

At Millennium Bankcard, we offer a great selection of devices suited to the needs of any business to accept credit card payments. Our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to work with you to discuss the details and nature of your business in order to determine which payment processing device will work best for your needs. In addition to these reliable payment devices, we can offer a number of helpful tools that are designed to make managing the day to day business of your company a lot easier. These integrate POS tools are particularly useful for larger businesses when it comes to staying on top of things like employee schedules, inventory and monthly budgets. Smaller businesses can take advantage of our great selection of payment terminals that can easily be used with a mobile device for on-the-go payment processing. We also offer a number of easy to use payment terminals designed for in-store credit and debit processing which are ideal for merchants taking advantage of our direct and gateway payment platform options. Each one of our devices and integrated POS tools are available for highly competitive rates and are fully backed by our quality technical support team. 

Processing Rates

One of the major benefits that come with working with a merchant account processor is the simplified processing rate for multiple payment processing services. By now you should have a basic understanding of how many individual processes go into a credit card transaction, whether it is completed in-store or online. Without a payment processor making sure everything happens safely and securely, merchants can end up dealing with the complexities of processing rates, which can be time-consuming and needlessly expensive. Millennium Bankcard gives merchants the ability to simplify their credit card processing costs and accept credit card payments with the best terms. We manage the expenses of interchange fees, security assessments and processor’s fees on a merchant’s behalf so they appear as a simplified monthly expense on a budget. This is because expenses like interchange fees are highly variable, and can potentially differ for each transaction.

Rates differ based on things like the amount of the payment, the type of credit card used and on what platform the payment was made. The size of your business and the average number of daily transactions you process can also impact your processing rates. A payment processor can help you make sense of these interchange rates, while managing your processing payments so you don’t need to worry about those details. We can also make you aware of any changes coming to how credit card companies calculate their interchange rates, so you don’t get any sudden surprises on your expense budget. 

Business Needs

There are many quality services available through Millennium Bankcard, all of which are tailored to suit the specific needs of a business. Knowing how to find the best services that suit your company’s needs requires some basic assessment on your part. A good credit card processor will help you offer the kind of payment solutions your customers want to use, wherever they want to use them. Millennium Bankcard has the payment platforms and device options that will help you accomplish these tasks. We can make it easier to provide self-checkout services or offer easy payments throughout your restaurant or storefront with mobile payment devices. We can help your business take advantage of customer data and online presences that will allow you to tailor a customer’s experience to their specific preferences. With Millennium Bankcard, your business needs become ours, so we can help your company grow and succeed together.


One of the most important aspects to accept credit card payments is the secure processing of the payment. The last thing any company needs is to lose the trust and loyalty of its customer base due to a lack of reliable security for payments. Millennium Bankcard offers the latest and best in terms of security software for online and in-store payments. Your customers can always feel secure knowing your business uses the most secure payment processing tools available. In the case of any issues, our team of knowledgeable tech support experts will help you solve any problem so you can get your system back up and running quickly. We stand by our security guarantee for all of our devices and payment processing services, and will also guarantee a full refund should any case of fraud occur.

To find out more about Millennium Bankcard’s top quality credit card processing services, or to get started by setting up a merchant account to accept credit card payments with one of our representatives, be sure to contact us today!

Internet Merchant Account

Internet Merchant Account

The best solution for e-commerce business. More and more of the world’s consumers are turning to e-commerce as their primary purchasing method. As a result, it is becoming more and more common to see businesses of all types creating an online platform for accepting online credit card purchases. Millennium Bankcard is a perfect choice for businesses looking to take advantage of the e-commerce market. We can quickly set your business up with our internet merchant account service, which includes a secure payment gateway and merchant account that receives and securely processes all online and mobile transactions. Our service is fast, secure and comes with full technical support that you can rely on at any time.

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Telephone Merchant Account

Telephone Merchant Account

Best solution for business owners who conduct business over the phone or through the mail. Although there have been a number of leaps forward in payment technology over the past decade, Millennium Bankcard still recognizes the importance many businesses and consumers place on traditional payment methods. We are pleased to provide top quality telephone merchant services for businesses that make transactions via telephone and by mail. Our Virtual Terminal is the ideal solution for businesses of this type, and comes with our reliable technical support services.

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Retail Merchant Account

Retail Merchant Account

Ideal for businesses who process credit cards and debit cards with the customers card present at the time of sale. Although the latest retail trends show a rise in online sales, the need for fast and secure in-store payment solutions hasn’t declined. With Millennium Bankcard, you can get your store equipped with the latest and best POS devices designed to make credit and debit transactions as fast and secure as possible. We are always excited to introduce out clients to the latest POS technologies, and can provide detailed descriptions on how new technologies and equipment like wireless terminals and NFC devices can help your business. As always, our technical support team will be available to quickly solve any problem you encounter with equipment or software.

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When you’re ready to start accepting credit card payments across multiple platforms in a fast, secure and reliable system, be sure to contact the merchant account specialists at Millennium Bankcard. Our services are simple, straightforward and cost effective for any type of business, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get started on setting up your merchant account today!

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