Most Small Business Owners Take No Vacation


“All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”

Everyone needs a break sometimes, including (and especially) small business owners. However, it’s really hard for them to do that. According to a recent study conducted by Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, 25% of small business owners feel able to unplug and get away… but 75% of them worry about work and their responsibilities during their time off.

How can you enjoy your vacation but still keep on top of your business? Read on for tips on relaxing while staying in control of your company.

Plan Ahead

In order to enjoy your vacation, you’ll need to do a little advance planning.

Let your customers and employees know you’ll be going away and for how long. Make sure they understand that you’ll be on vacation, and that you won’t be able to take care of everything while you’re on holiday. And don’t schedule anything major for while you’re away. That website update, renovation, or ad campaign can wait until after you return.

Train your employees to handle situations that might arise in your absence. If something is going to go wrong, it’ll happen when you’re out of the office and unable to handle it yourself. Leave your employees detailed instructions for as many situations as you can think of. Put someone responsible in charge, but make sure that everyone is aware of the procedures for those situations.

Plan for Afterwards, Too

The worst part of vacation isn’t the end – it’s after you come home. You have to deal with all of the work you missed out on while you were away.

Give yourself a couple of days (maybe even three) to catch up with what you’ve missed. Tell clients and customers that you’ll be back several days later than you actually will so that you’re not overwhelmed upon your return.

Set Limits on Work

It’s your vacation. Unless you’ve won a trip somewhere, you’ re most likely spending a fair amount of your own money to get away. So, you’ll have to decide how much of that time you want to devote to working.

It might not be feasible to ignore your business completely, which is why many entrepreneurs bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with them to keep tabs on the office. But, don’t spend all day answering phone calls or emails. Set aside a little time to deal with work, and take the rest of the day off.

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