Mobile POS Systems


What Is a Mobile POS System?

Traditional POS systems are cash registers or terminals at which the customer pays and the machine records the transaction.

A mobile POS system is essentially a cash register or terminal on a mobile device. This technology enables merchants to accept payments wherever they are, as long as they’ve got a smartphone or tablet with the correct app and a card reader that attaches to their mobile device.

The Tablet Takeover: Advantages of Mobile POS Systems

How many times in the past week did you encounter a customer (or even a potential customer) who wanted to make a purchase or place an order outside of a retail environment? Unless you have a mobile POS system, you couldn’t satisfy that customer’s needs. Mobile POS systems allow you to accept credit card, gift card, and even cash payments wherever you are, and all you need is a smartphone or tablet, an app, and a card reader. Learn more about why mobile POS systems are becoming popular and how you can benefit from them.

Why Use a Mobile POS System?

Small business owners might be wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in a mobile POS system. There are some clear advantages to using this technology.

Let’s say you run a food truck. You don’t want to plug in a bulky register or POS terminal – that takes up valuable space you could be using for food preparation. A mobile POS system is only as large as the mobile device you’ve got. Even larger card readers with PIN pads don’t take up much room.

Here’s another scenario: you’re exhibiting your products at a trade show or event. Customers want to buy from you – now. All you have to do is take out your tablet or smartphone, and within a minute or two, you’ve completed the transaction.

Even if you plan on using a mobile POS system at your bricks-and-mortar establishment, it still has a leg up on traditional POS solutions. Mobile POS systems tend to offer many features that a regular cash register or terminal doesn’t. For example, many mobile POS systems let you email or even SMS receipts to customers. In addition, it’s common for mobile POS systems to include an inventory management system, a scheduling function for employees, and the option to view reports of transactions and sales.

As mobile device use continues to skyrocket, technology developers will release more and more mobile POS systems onto the market. There are already a wide variety of mobile POS solutions available for the restaurant industry and retailers. The most difficult part is figuring out which one will best meet your needs.

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