Differences Between NFC vs BLE Technology

NFC and BLE Beacons

The technology that helps businesses and consumers complete transactions more quickly and securely has reached an all-time high in terms of efficiency. Now, businesses can provide equipment at the point of sale that helps customers complete a transaction in a matter of seconds, thanks to innovations like Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. These technologies have … Read More

Digital Money Will Impact Your Business


A Silent Cha-Ching: Virtual Currencies, Mobile Payments, and Your Business When is the last time you paid a toll in cash? Many people nowadays use E-ZPass, so they might not even remember. Digital payments aren’t just a fact of life on the roads. Maybe you’ve set your bills to autopay, so the money automatically comes out of your bank account. … Read More

Bluetooth Mobile Payments


How Does Bluetooth Work for Mobile Payments? Since humans began paying for goods and services, we’ve preferred these transactions to be as convenient and easy as possible. We’ve evolved from bartering livestock (not particularly convenient) to paying for products with mobile devices (quite convenient). But technological developments can make mobile payments even more user-friendly. Read on to learn how the … Read More

EMV Online Fraud


What Can Merchants Do to Stop Fraud? EMV (chip-and-PIN) credit cards were introduced to combat credit card fraud. Since their widespread adoption in the US, some merchants have noticed a decrease in fraud. Yet others report an increase – why is that? The introduction of EMV cards has led to a rise in online retail credit card scams. Read on … Read More

EMV Credit Cards Prevent Some Fraud


EMV Credit Cards Prevent Brick and Mortar Fraud In October 2015, a seismic shift took place in the retail space. Retailers became liable for any fraudulent charges made unless they had switched to EMV technology. Previously, credit card companies bore the liability for these charges. The liability shift that took place in October 2015 was an attempt by credit card … Read More

International Credit Cards


Accepting International Credit Cards What You Need to Know Today’s global marketplace means that your customers might not be from down the street – they could be sitting in their living room in Tokyo, preparing to buy your product online. International customers expand your marketing reach. However, what you and your customers might not realize is that there’s a cost … Read More

Pay with Your Watch


Paying with Your Watch? It’s the Wave of the Future Imagine this: you’re running low on coffee, so you run into your local grocery store to pick up a bag of the instant stuff. When you get to the checkout line, you don’t pull out your wallet. Instead, you tap your smart watch against a terminal. Within a second, you’ve … Read More

Mobile Payment Processing


Mobile Payment Processing Costs What You Need to Know A decade ago, the idea of paying for a purchase with your mobile phone was too futuristic to contemplate fully. However, now the future is here, and your customers want to pay with mobile devices. You want to keep your customers happy, although you also want to make sure you do … Read More

Best Practices for Online Businesses


Best Fiscal Practices for Online Businesses You have a fantastic idea for an online business. It will make you a millionaire – no, a billionaire! Dreams are all well and good, but in order to run a successful venture online, you can’t just sit around waiting for prosperity to find you. There are certain steps you should take as well … Read More