Top 5 Reasons for Merchant Account Declines

merchant account declines

Every credit card process comes with risk. That is part of the reason why credit card companies charge so many different interchange fees for different types of purchases. It is also one of the main reasons why some businesses fail to qualify for a merchant account with a bank or payment processor. Without a merchant account, it can be difficult … Read More

Does Everybody Get Approved for a Merchant Account?

Does Everybody Get Approved for a Merchant Account?

Any business that intends to accept electronic payments, whether they are completed in-store or online, requires a merchant account. This account is designed to receive funds transferred from a customer’s credit or bank account after they make a purchase from your business. But how to get approved for a merchant account? Without a merchant account provided by either your bank or … Read More

How Are Credit Card Interchange Fees Calculated?

credit card interchange fees

There are plenty of different credit cards out there for consumers to choose from. Each type of credit card will likely feature different rewards and fees compared to the next one. In fact, as far as your card-carrying customers are concerned, there are probably no two credit cards alike. Although this is true for consumers, merchants and business owners know … Read More