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An easy, cost-effective way to accept credit card payments online from your E-commerce website.

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Millennium Bankcard’s Internet Merchant Account include an Internet merchant account and payment gateway. This allows a business to accept credit cards and debit card payments securely over the internet, perfect payment processing for any e-commerce website. To learn more please read our article of “What is online payment gateways and how do they work”.

An internet merchant account is the easiest and fastest way to begin accepting credit cards for your online business. You’ll get a free virtual terminal, no setup fees, and great rates.

Your online visitors will enjoy an improved user experience as your checkout process will be simplified when you use Millennium Bankcard as your approved internet merchant account provider.

Watch Our Video About Internet Merchant Account

E-commerce Credit Card Processing

internet merchant account for e-commerce

E-commerce credit card processing is vital for almost any kind of business today. Technology is the driving force behind some of the major changes seen in the business and financial world over the past decade. One of the most profound changes business owners have witnessed during this time, is the rapid increase in the volume of online transactions completed on a daily basis. The scale of connectivity in the world of today has caused a major shift in how the majority of customers make their purchases. More than half of the world’s consumers are now using e-commerce payment methods as opposed to making traditional in-store purchases. In order to keep up with this trend, retailers and businesses should be looking to offer their customers fast and secure online payment solutions from a reliable payment processor.

At Millennium Bankcard, we proudly offer a wide range of simple and secure e-commerce payment solutions for business owners looking to take their company into the 21st century. With our services, you can quickly start accepting online credit card payments through your company’s website We specialize in providing internet merchant account that is ideally suited to your business and e-commerce website. From the point of the online transaction, through our secure payment gateway and into your merchant account, Millennium Bankcard is there through every step of the process to ensure your online transactions are smooth, fast and completely secure. We would recommend you to read our article “PayPal vs Credit Card Processing” to learn more about advantages of credit card processing for e-commerce websites. 

When you choose Millennium Bankcard to manage your e-commerce transactions and payments, you can expect to get the very best in terms of equipment, software, customer service and technical support. Our team of knowledgeable associates will be happy to provide you with as much information concerning online payment processing fees and interchange rates, so you will have an accurate idea of how our services will work in your company’s budget. We can quickly get you set up with an internet merchant account at a great monthly rate, with no setup fees! You’ll be able to start accepting mobile and online credit card payments in no time with ease, so you can start focusing on how to continue growing your business. To learn more about how you can get set up with an internet merchant account from Millennium Bankcard, be sure to contact one of our merchant account specialists today!

Internet Merchant Account Includes:

Online Merchant Account Setup

Enabling your business to accept all major credit cards online, including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER Card. The best solution for e-commerce websites. Payment Gateway Setup

Transmits the transaction information from your website using SSL encryption for security. No Programming required. Your customers will be able to pay you, in real time online, from your website. Accepting credit cards has never been easier!

Virtual Terminal

Receive an online terminal to process, view, and manage all of your transaction activities.

Internet Merchant Account for E-commerce Websites

Compatible with most shopping cart platforms

If you’re looking for the easiest way to accept credit cards on your website then call 1 800-483-8815 and speak to one of our merchant account specialists or apply online.

You’ll also have access to powerful online tools: using the Virtual Terminal, you’ll be able to process, instantly authorize, and manage credit card transactions from anywhere!

Provide the best online shopping experience for your users with the best e-commerce payment solution

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