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Accept Mobile and Mail Orders

Virtual Terminal Merchant accounts through Millennium Bankcard is the easiest and fastest way to begin accepting credit card payments over the phone and mail. If you run your business by telephone and mail orders, our virtual terminal account is perfect for you.

Start accepting payment over the phone through our Virtual Terminal.

Accept Credit Cards Over the Phone

For any business owner, making sales is always a positive thing. Accept credit cards over the phone is very convenient solution for both business and a client. This is why it is important to put your business in a position to accept as many types of payment methods as possible. This will help you reach as many potential customers as possible through traditional sales as well as electronic sales. As technology and security in banking continues to expand and improve, companies can offer their clients a wider range of secure payments with the help of a merchant processing service like Millennium Bankcard. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly associates are here to help you to start accepting payments over the phone.

Mobile Payment Solutions

With the continued growth of e-commerce in the business and retail world, customers now expect businesses to offer mobile payment solutions as standard payment options. If you have yet to begin offering these mobile payment options to your customer base, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of Millennium Bankcard to get you started. With our help, you can easily begin accepting credit card transactions using a mobile phone equipped with a card scanner. We are prepared to provide you with all the necessary equipment designed to make mobile payment processing fast, reliable and secure, so your business can keep growing!

Although Millennium Bankcard stays on the cutting edge of mobile payment processing technologies, we are also prepared to provide our clients with reliable merchant processing for traditional payment methods. With Millennium Bankcard, you can cater to all types of your client’s preferred payment methods. Our expert associates can quickly set you up with everything you’ll need to accept credit card payments by phone or traditional mail.

Simply contact us to start discussing what payment solutions will work best for your business, and we can provide you with all the necessary information concerning equipment and interchange fees for each type of credit card transaction. With Millennium Bankcard, you get secure and straightforward mobile payment processing with no hidden fees or surprise rate changes. In addition, our helpful staff will always be available to provide support or answer any questions you may have in the future, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re in need. We look forward to hearing from you, and getting you set up with our reliable mobile and telephone credit card payment solutions!

Types of Merchant Accounts

Internet Merchant Account

Internet Merchant

Perfect for e-Commerce websites. Allows businesses to accept debit or credit card payments over the Internet.

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Telephone Merchant Account

Mobile Merchant

Best solution for business owners who conduct business over the phone or through the mail.

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Retail Merchant Account

Retail Merchant

Ideal for businesses who process credit cards and debit cards with the customers card present at the time of sale.

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